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Modern Industrial Bed


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The King Size Modern Industrial Bed is a beautiful piece of furniture that features a headboard made of hand-woven brown leather. The leather is meticulously woven by skilled artisans, creating a stunning and unique texture that adds both visual interest and tactile appeal to the bed.

The headboard is adorned with hand-forged iron hardware, which adds to the industrial feel of the piece. The iron hardware is carefully crafted and adds a rugged, yet refined, touch to the bed.

The frame features octagonal turrets, which are small, ornamental towers that add an extra layer of interest to the design. The turrets are situated at each corner of the bed and provide a subtle nod to the style of medieval castles.

The bed is further elevated by its tapered legs, which provide a sense of stability and groundedness. The legs are also crafted from pine veneer and are finished to match the rest of the frame.

Overall, the King Size Modern Industrial Bed is a stunning piece of furniture that seamlessly blends industrial design elements with natural materials. 

Dimensions: 83" W x 87" D x 72" H