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World Renowned Craftsmen with Extraordinary Custom Capabilities

A single item or a hotel full - we can build almost anything for you

Custom Tables, Mirrors, Chairs and more...

World Renowned Craftsmen with Extraordinary Custom Capabilities

A single item or a hotel full - we can build almost anything for you

Custom Tables, Mirrors, Chairs and more...

Fine Antique Reproductions of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

Our highly skilled craftsmen in our London, UK workshops, use traditional techniques to perfect these authentic designs, and have extensive expertise and experience in carving, water gilding in 23.5ct Gold Leaf and other decorative finishes.

Drawing on a wealth of knowledge passed down through generations of antiques and restoration experts, we have produced an outstanding range of mirrors, furniture and furnishings and have been commissioned by some of the top Interior Designers and Architects from around the world.

We can assist you with any quantity as well. From a single mirror to any substantial project, we have the capabilities to deliver superior products at any level. We've been fortunate to supply our furniture and mirrors to castles, luxury hotels, yachts, corporate and commercial projects and some of the finest homes in the world.

Using only the finest materials and best practices of authentic techniques and design. We can customize any of our standard models to a different size or finish, or we can work with you to design a completely new design that fits your needs.

We are always readily available and happy to speak with you about your needs and to help with your projects.


More about the Custom Shop and Your Options

More about the Custom Shop and Your Options

Custom Bespoke Furnishings


As well as offering a vast range of mirrors and furniture, we also craft custom pieces to address the needs of each of our customers.

Our advisory and bespoke service is fully established and if your ideal item cannot be sourced from our core range, or you require inspiration to fulfill the requirements of an entire project, then our advisory staff are at your disposal.        

We have the skills and experience to take on substantial projects, and have supplied our mirrors and furniture for castles, luxury hotels, yachts, corporate projects and private homes.

Bespoke can mean anything from a variation in the finish to a completely new commission, so whether you are looking for a gilt mirror or hand carved wooden furniture, our highly skilled craftsmen can turn your ideas into a finished article.

We often make our standard designs to different dimensions, or produce our pieces in different finishes. Possible finishes include gold leaf, silver leaf, stone painted effect, ebonized, polished wood and custom paint finishes.  




The Art of Gilding dates back to Ancient Egypt. The Georgian craftsman perfected the art if gilding to be used as decoration on many of their fine pieces of furnishings. When the tomb of Tutankhamen was exhumed, it was found that the Georgian method of gilding is exactly the same as the method used in Tutankhamen's period. English Georgian continues to use the same methods.

We mix our own Gesso to produce the correct consistency of powder and size and use Armenian Earth Clay to produce the Bole. Even the gold we use is the finest available, 23.5ct, hand beaten in England bearing the Royal seal. All these factors coupled with the experience gained over many years ensures that our clients get the finest possible products.




We illustrate the majority of our products in a traditional finish, whether it be Water gilded, Polished, Painted in our aged stone finish or Ebonised. However, we are aware that not all environments are suited to these traditional finishes.

We offer a bespoke finishing service for these requirements, which allows you to choose the best finish for your piece or project. Our gilded mirrors and pieces of furniture in the catalogue are shown in our standard gilt finish, but alternatively, can be gilded to any level of aging and distressing, to match our clients own specifications.

We can also provide metalized finishes to simulate mediums such as Copper, Bronze and other alloys. A mixture of mediums can give our pieces a more relaxed feel and often a more contemporary nature.


Mirror Plate


Our mirrors come standard with our lightly distressed mirror plates. The reflection is still adequate to act as a regular mirror, but is has a degree of imperfection, which helps to soften the reflection and appears more sympathetic with the period design and feel of our mirrors.




Upholstery is another important area where products can take on a different look. In some of our illustrations we use leather as the material and we think leather works particularly well on the large foot stools we produce, however fabric choice can give entirely different styles and appearance to our items.

Our prices are quoted COM, meaning that while we include the price of upholstery of the fabric, we do not include the fabric itself. Many customers prefer to utilize their own fabrics and can ship them directly to us for installation on your items. Please note that there is sometimes an additional charge for upholstery with leather as the amount of hours taken can be significantly longer.




While we make every effort to satisfy our customers needs for non standard marble tops, we are not marble and granite specialists. We supply a standard crema marble, which we feel compliments the gilt, wood or stone painted tables well. However, if your requirements are for a special stone that we can not source on your behalf, we can supply the item without our standard top and will amend the price of the item accordingly.

We are only too happy to assist with designs where certain ambiences are being created and color schemes incorporated, and look forward to welcoming you personally to discuss your requirements.


Contact us today to discuss your own project.