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Modern Grey Leather Wrapped Console


Discover the epitome of modern elegance with our Modern Grey Leather Wrapped Console. This contemporary piece, measuring 54 inches in width, 12 inches in depth, and 34 inches in height, offers a blend of luxury and functionality.

The console is exquisitely wrapped in sleek grey leather, giving it a sophisticated and refined appearance. The gilt trim adds a touch of opulence, beautifully outlining the console's streamlined silhouette. This combination of grey leather and gold accents creates a striking visual contrast, making it a stunning addition to any modern interior.

Equipped with three frieze drawers, the console provides ample storage space. Each drawer features marbleized interiors, a detail that elevates the piece's luxury. The brass handles on the drawers not only complement the gilt trim but also add an element of classic elegance to the overall design.

Raised on an H stretcher base, this console stands securely and stylishly in any living space. Its slender profile makes it a perfect fit for hallways, entryways, or as an accent piece in living or dining areas.

Dimensions: 54" W x 12" D x 34" H