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Modern Campaign Green Leather Wrapped Console Table

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Our Modern Campaign Green Leather Wrapped Console Table is the perfect fusion of vintage and contemporary design. The dark green embossed leather wrapping is not only sleek, but it is also the perfect backdrop for the elegant gilded trim and brass pulls. The gilt iron frame elevates the overall look of the piece and adds to the sturdiness of the design. This console table will be the focal point of any room, making a bold statement and creating a memorable first impression.

Here are the key features of this stunning piece:

  • Modern Campaign Green Leather Wrapped Console Table
  • 19th-century campaign style meets 20th-century modern furniture
  • Dark green embossed leather wrapping with gilded trim and brass pulls
  • Raised on a boxed gilt iron frame with a stretcher
  • Dimensions: 64" W x 14" D x 34" H