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Gustavian Style Swedish Dresser


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Introducing the Gustavian Style Swedish Dresser, a timeless piece of furniture that is sure to make a statement in any room. This large four-drawer commode boasts an antique painted finish, giving it an authentic vintage look that is both elegant and stylish.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Gustavian Style Swedish Dresser features carved dental moldings and blind fret carvings, adding a touch of sophistication to its already stunning design. The dresser also comes with large, long drawers that provide ample storage space, making it the perfect choice for individuals who need a functional yet stylish piece of furniture.

Finished with brass ring pull hardware, which not only adds to its overall aesthetic appeal but also makes it easy to open and close the drawers. The dresser is raised on square tapered fluted legs, which not only provide a stable base but also add to its overall elegance.

This dresser is a reproduction of a 19th-century antique, ensuring that you are getting a piece of furniture whose style has stood the test of time. Its dimensions of 52 1/4" W x 22" D x 40" H make it the perfect size for most rooms, from large living spaces to cozy bedrooms.

  • Timeless design with antique-painted finish
  • Ample storage space with large long drawers
  • Sophisticated and elegant with carved dental moldings and blind fret carvings
  • Stable base with square tapered fluted legs
  • Perfect size for any room

Dimensions: 52 1/4" W x 22" D x 40" H