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Gray Wash Italian Draw Leaf Table


Embrace Italian elegance with the Gray Wash Italian Draw Leaf Table, a versatile piece that transforms from an 81-inch table to a 120-inch long dining table. This unique extendable design makes it a perfect choice for various occasions and space requirements.

Featuring a marbleized porcelain inset in each top section, the table offers a luxurious and durable surface that combines classic aesthetics with modern functionality. This exquisite detail comfortably seats 6 to 8 people, making it ideal for gatherings and family dinners.

Perfect for those who appreciate the blend of Italian style and practical design, this Gray Wash Italian Draw Leaf Table is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a statement of elegance and versatility, designed to enhance your dining experience and adapt to your lifestyle needs.

Open dimensions: 120" W x 41" D x 30.5" H
Closed dimensions: 81" W x 41" D x 30.5" H