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French Mid Century Bar Cabinet


Introducing the French Mid Century Bar Cabinet, coated in a smooth Almond Milk lacquer. The doors are stylishly designed with Chinchilla fronts, adding a touch of sophistication. The special hinges on these doors let them open wide, up to 180 degrees, making it easy to access the inside.

Nature-Inspired Look

The design of this cabinet is inspired by nature. The grey wood patterns resemble the calming flow of stream water over pebbles. The shiny hardware in the middle of the cabinet adds an elegant touch, and the Whisper of Gold metal parts enhance its look.

Practical and Elegant

The inside of the cabinet is just as impressive as the outside. It has a mirrored back that reflects the light from a central lamp. There are adjustable glass shelves for storing items and several drawers for organization. Plus, there's a pullout section that's perfect for preparing and serving.

Dimensions: 39" W x 18.75" D x 68" H