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Classic Whitewash Round Dining Table


Classic Whitewash Round Dining Table, this stunning round oak table is a showcase of craftsmanship and elegance. Designed with a classical touch, the table features a beautiful nautical mariner starburst inlay at the center, creating a compelling focal point that draws the eye. The soft, whitewashed finish highlights the natural grain of the wood, giving it a rustic yet refined look.

A 21st-century update to a classic English Regency table, it stands on a sturdy, central pedestal base that offers a solid foundation and ample legroom.

With its circular shape, this table is ideal for fostering conversation, making it perfect for intimate dinners or small gatherings. Its versatile aesthetic allows it to blend seamlessly with a variety of interior designs, from farmhouse chic to coastal or traditional decors.

Dimensions: 54" W x 54" D x 30" H