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Art Deco Inspired Velvet Queen Bed


Art Deco Inspired Velvet Queen Bed, is a contemporary velvet upholstered bed, featuring a high headboard with distinct vertical channel tufting that gives it a plush, sophisticated appearance. The vertical channel tufting goes uninterrupted, except for a slight dip at the center of the headboard for a hint of drama and artistic expression.

The bed frame and headboard are upholstered in a neutral velvet, which offers a versatile color palette that can match various bedroom decors. The bed is designed with a low-profile footboard and side rails, contributing to its modern and streamlined look.

Supported by slender, dark chocolate-toned legs that provide a subtle contrast to the soft upholstery, enhancing the bed's modern aesthetic.  Combining functionality with style, suggesting comfort and elegance, and would be a central focus in a bedroom setting.  

Dimensions: 78" W x 87.25" D x 65" H

2904-71CC-P Performance