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Art Deco Bar Cabinet


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Meet the Art Deco Bar Cabinet—a mix of classic and modern design that lasts through the ages. Made from crotch cerejeira and flat-cut mahogany veneers, this limited edition cabinet is all about lasting beauty. The natural cerejeira finish makes the wood look even more beautiful, turning the cabinet into something timeless and organic.

Open the doors and you'll see how carefully it's made. Custom brass hinges welcome you to a world of careful craftsmanship. Inside, you find an antiqued mirror, stainless steel, and delicate eggshell detailing—a mix of textures and patterns that look amazing and show how much thought went into making it.

The fitted interior consists of a softened antique mirror glass back, bottle racks, a stonetop countertop above two drawers, open shelves and racks for wine bottle storage.

Dimensions: 50" W x 24" D x 80" H