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Thomas Chippendale's Inspiration

June 05, 2012

Thomas Chippendale's Inspiration - English Georgian America

Thomas Chippendale Portrait - Source Michael SheppardArchitects and Designers during the 18th and 19th century had it easy. They were able to pick from a long list of world-renowned cabinet makers to commission fine mirrors, tables, seating and lighting among many other objects.  
They could choose from any design and have it recreated to fit exact requirements and dimensions.

Today, Architects and Designers are low on resources to have fine high-quality custom made traditional furnishings created for their customers and as a result, many people must settle for low-quality mass produced furnishings.  

Too many of these mass produced items lack the right materials, the right proportions and are finished poorly. Unfortunately, many people with or without designers are unaware of a better alternative. 

One of the 18th centuries most famous cabinet makers, Thomas Chippendale, was very successful at delivering these custom bespoke treasures.  In 1754, he published “The Gentleman and Cabinet-maker's Director”, which was intended to be a reference and catalog for his Designers, Architects, and their clients. However, the book evolved into a reference for other cabinet makers throughout England and Europe.  His designs were so well crafted and popular throughout Europe that they made their way to the new America and were very often recreated there too.

Many other successful catalogs and design reference books were created in the 18th and 19th centuries for cabinet makers to draw from.  And, since there were so many highly skilled cabinet makers to create these high-quality furnishings, designers and architects of the period had an easy time utilizing them for installations and to sell high-quality furnishings to their clients.

Today, there are very few firms left creating these wonderful furnishings. Where the 18th century saw cabinetmakers’ shops lining city streets, today you need to search for these resources.  Where the 18th century had many well-established shops offering apprenticeship opportunities to learn this trade and earn membership in a well-respected trade guild, today there is no such apprenticeships and worse, there is no such trade guild.

Every day I observe the misconception that only antiques of the 18th or 19th centuries offer the high quality so many desire. And sadly, so many consider both the fine antiques as well as high-quality fine reproductions unobtainable.

Although Thomas Chippendale is dead, I can show you that not only are high quality - high caliber traditional furnishings still available, but they are just as customizable as if you ordered from Thomas himself. There is one exceptional alternative available that specializes in fine English antique reproductions of the 18th and 19th centuries - English Georgian America.

English Georgian America offers antique reproduction mirrorsantique reproduction tables and antique reproduction chairs among many other furnishings and decorative objects. Offering an extensive catalog of standard items and as well as a custom bespoke furniture service that is second to none and that can create (or recreate) almost anything your designs require.

Drawing from traditional techniques of the 18th-century cabinet makers, English Georgian America crafts wonderful traditional furnishings and is now more accessible than ever.

Although Thomas Chippendale is Dead, his inspiration, designs and high standard for quality lives on with English Georgian America.