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Easily Create Custom Dining Tables

August 10, 2012

Easily Create Custom Dining Tables - English Georgian America

Custom Reproduction Regency Dining tableThere are many aspects of our furniture that separate us from our competitors. Among them are the vast options for customizing a
traditional antique dining table.  

We have several standard designs that can be modified to fit any dining room and we are well equipped to create virtually anything you may require.

English Regency designs of the early 19th century were most often primarily made of mahogany.  We continue this tradition and offer various options for embellishing these tables.  

Our bespoke dining tables are customizable by size; round tables can be made in various diameters, we offer several decorative inlay options and we can create and design new inlays when required and we can build literally any length dining table as we can add as many pillars or pedestals as your design requires.

Our custom dining tables are made in England and, like all of our furnishings, our dining tables use only the finest timber available.  Our craftsman consistently create the highest quality reproduction furniture and regularly exceed expectations.

Call or email us today to learn more or to request a quote on a custom bespoke reproduction dining table.