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Finding High-Quality Sets of Dining Room Chairs with Ease

April 26, 2017

Finding High-Quality Sets of Dining Room Chairs with Ease - English Georgian America

Are you searching for the perfect decor for your dining area? Many companies seem to only sell dining chairs for individual sale, not as complete dining sets. English Georgian America now offers expertly designed high quality sets of dining chairs  for your pleasure and convenience.

We are a unique company that has evolved over decades of buying and selling antique furniture. From this experience and expertise, we know what most people want, even if they don’t, and we now make finding the right chair model easier than ever.

As a result of our conviction to offer the “Best Design. Best Quality. Best Price.”,  we’ve been able to lead our industry in innovation, service and excellence. And now EGA is ready to introduce our latest innovation, “Complete Sets of Dining Chairs”. The most convenient way to find large sets of chairs online. In stock and ready to ship worldwide in almost any quantity.

Read ahead to understand why we are so thrilled to offer this new collection of complete dining chair sets for your space.


Cost is among the biggest inspiration when purchasing large sets. We have the best pricing online - anywhere. We offer FREE Shipping and we even unpack everything for you and remove all the rubbish. Moreover, the larger the set of chairs you buy from us, the more you will save!

If you are looking to create a beautifully designed space with a lower cost, purchasing one of these complete sets of dining chairs is the perfect opportunity for you.



We offer the ability to purchase a set of chairs that fits your specific and personal needs. For example, our dining room chairs are offered in a set of 4, set of 6, set of 8, a set of 10 or a set of 12 chairs. You can usually mix and match the number of armchairs and side chairs. Whatever your dining room needs, EGA is ready to ship these high-quality sets to you.



In any space, it is important for your furniture to not only match, but create harmony together. Having the right complete dining chair set creates consistency in your space which results in a uniform look that many designers strive for. In the purchase of a set of dining chairs, you are ensuring that the chosen furniture in your space will reflect a fashionable choice and will be eye-pleasing to any guests. EGA’s expertise in design, style, function, and proportions - assures you that you’re buying the right look for your project.



Not only does a complete dining set from EGA enhance the design of your space at a lower cost, purchasing from EGA provides you with the easiest and most convenient way to transform your space whether you’re striving for a traditional antique decor or a modern and contemporary dining space. EGA removes the hassle of searching in various places for chairs that might match, and makes life a little easier for you.

If you are searching for a simple way to create a masterpiece in your dining area, then these complete dining sets are perfect for you.

Here are some of the popular EGA complete sets of dining chairs from our new collection.

Set of Art Deco Dining Chairs

Our favorite model and a beautiful addition to any dining area. These bold chairs are sure to impress and make a statement. Guests will know you’ve done well! These chairs have a bold and an elegant feel. With a light color fabric option against the dark wood tones, you too will fall in love with these Art Deco dining chairs.

Available as a set of 4 dining chairs, set of 6, 8, 10, a set of 12 dining chairs, or more, you can easily combine any number of armchairs with side chairs.

Mid Century Modern Style Dining Armchair


Mid Century Style Dining Chairs

A complete set of dining chairs for a sheik, mid-century modern look. These chairs are handcrafted and then upholstered in the USA. Their elegant and light design is expertly designed and will sit beautifully in any dining room.

Art Deco Style Dining Chair



Set of Modern Scoop Back Dining Chairs

A complete set of dining chairs created with hand-carved mahogany. These chairs display a comfortable curved and padded back with an upholstered seat cushion above sweeping square tapering legs. This dining set is perfect in order to emulate both a traditional and a modern feel for any dining room. This design draws inspiration from the 19th century Neo Classic styles.

Modern Scoop Back Dining Chair



Our complete sets of dining chairs are a perfect addition to any space. Browse our selection of dining chairs or view our entire collection to start designing your perfect room.