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Antique style side tables can bring character to your home

May 23, 2017

Antique style side tables can bring character to your home - English Georgian America

Interiors of your home should be organized in such a way to provide you with a maximum of aesthetic and practical benefits day after day. Both of those aspects are equally important, and you never really want to trade comfort for beauty, but there are certain items that can accomplish both objectives at the same time. Antique reproduction side tables resembling high-end furniture from various time periods are a great example of such home utensils.

‘How you arrange your home tells a lot about who you are as a person.
In many ways, your living space is an extension of your personality.’

Details are extremely important in the grand scheme of things, and you should pay attention to get the right side tables that will match with the rest of the room, yet maintain their own unique identity and a dash of high style. Of course, you won’t pick the design of an entire room based on a single table you like, but adding that particular table could be the ideal finishing move to create balance and harmony. That’s why it makes sense to invest in a highly sophisticated piece that you won’t have the need to replace for a couple of decades.


Advantages of high-style side tables

Practical values of a side table are quite obvious, as literally every person could use some additional space to deposit everyday objects such as coffee mugs, newspapers, or car keys. Some of the tables we offer feature multiple drawers and platforms, greatly increasing their capacity and increasing the range of possible uses. The main trick is in the positioning, of course, as you need the side table to be close when your hands are full and you need to put something down. Here is another reason to pick the most suitable table after you’ve already finished with furnishing of your home.


Visual aesthetic is always a subject for debate, but those with a developed sense for antique beauty know how to choose the right style for their house. Picking an art deco piececan add a touch of modernity and creativity to your life, but won’t disrupt a more traditional setup of the room. On the other hand, a classic regency side table will introduce a mood of timeless elegance and can easily be matched with a broad range of styles. Variations are practically endless, and your own good taste is the only limit you should respect when it comes to antique side tables.


How to decide whether you need a side table?

Some people would argue that every room needs at least one side table, and this is true at least for rooms that are in heavy use. You most definitely need one or twoside tables for the living room, as well as for every bedroom. Any rooms that could potentially be used for work or to host guests should also be considered, although the right answer depends on available space as much as your preference. As was said before, a side table needs to be smartly placed in order to be truly useful. Of course, it’s super easy to reposition the antique style side table if its current location is not ideal, so you can cover a bad estimate with a timely correction.
If you haven’t thought about side tables when you purchased for your living room or bedroom, it’s still not too late to make a meaningful addition. It can be a moment of sudden inspiration, a little whim, or a rational decision, but it’s nearly always a great idea to get a unique table made of wood, glass, metal or any combination of those materials based on a centuries-old blueprint. It’s not only a piece of furniture that you cram in to serve a simple purpose or impress the visitors, but rather an expression of your individuality that has authentic artistic value and features masterful craftsmanship that will endure many years of heavy duty service.

Finding a perfect side-table for your home

Fortunately, you can find fantastic reproductions of antique side tables at EG America. They have a tremendous collection of exquisite pieces which is something that makes them the best choice for an antique reproduction side table. EG America offers a broad choice of antique or modern side tables that would greatly enrich any space they are added to. With the help of their website, you could quickly discover amazing side tables made according to recommendations of old masters that still outmatch any contemporary product in terms of beauty, as well as utility.