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Create Your Dream Space: How to Decorate a Bedroom Full of Personality

July 09, 2019

Create Your Dream Space: How to Decorate a Bedroom Full of Personality - English Georgian America

Did you know that most people spend half their life in bed?

Although it sounds unbelievable at first, think about how much time you sleep and relax in the bedroom. If you're spending a lot of your time there, that space should feel like an oasis.

Want to learn how to decorate a bedroom you'll love? Keep reading for eight expert tips.

1. Pay Attention to Lighting When Decorating a Bedroom

One of the best ways you can redecorate a bedroom is to add special mood lighting. With so many options like chandeliers, floor lights, lanterns, and table lamps, the possibilities are endless. As you think about lighting, don't be afraid to get creative with your placement and execution.

Since good lighting is crucial for a happy mood, you don't want to skimp on this step. Another benefit of having multiple lights is that you have the ability to adjust the brightness throughout the day.

Adjustable lights are crucial for your sleep schedule. Instead of going from a bright room to complete darkness, you can soften the lights as it gets closer to bedtime. This way, you'll have no trouble falling asleep when you're ready.

2. Incorporate Your Hobbies

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, which means it should have everything you enjoy. Every time you step inside, it should feel like the room is for no one else but you.

If you love to create art, make one corner a little studio. If you love fashion, you should focus on designing an impressive closet and invest in a makeup vanity. If you love sports, you can turn your favorite memorabilia into various decorations.

Take some time to consider your greatest passions and find a way to include them in your layout. When you're surrounded by things you love, you can't help but feel relaxed.

3. Choose Stunning Furniture

Depending on how big your bedroom is, you may only have enough room for a few pieces of furniture. This means you have to make each piece count. One of the nicest features of any bedroom is the dresser.

Chests of drawers are excellent for organizing your clothes and displaying smaller objects on top. You could place meaningful photos, souvenirs, collections, or any other decoration right on top for a personal touch. This is a great way to use your space while also making your bedroom feel special and functional.

Mirrors are also a clever way to make your room feel bigger. If you hang one near a window, you can boost the natural lighting when the sunlight reflects off the glass.

4. How to Decorate a Bedroom Right: Less Can Be More

As you're planning how to decorate your bedroom, it's easy to go overboard. If you try to add too many new things to your space, it can get cramped. You may not realize that your bedroom is crowded, but it will surprise you at how much more relaxed you feel in an environment that's less busy.

If you're shopping for new furniture and decor, keep size in mind. Your bedroom should feel balanced and oversized objects can overpower the atmosphere. Before you buy anything, it's important to measure your room and look at the measurements of each item you're considering to see if they'll fit.

5. Don't Forget Artwork

Even one small piece of art can have a big presence in your room. Art can be chic, classic, funny, charming, or awe-inspiring. No matter what your tastes are, there are dozens of different pieces you can find that match your desired theme.

The reason why art is important in any room is that it can eliminate empty space without making the room feel smaller. Since plain walls can be boring, make sure you take advantage of your blank canvas by hanging up some unique art.

6. Prioritize Your Bedding

Now that you know you could be spending half of your life in bed, you need to make sure that it's the highlight of your room. The most important factor to consider is comfort, but appearance should also influence your choices.

One common mistake you want to avoid is forgetting about a headboard. Whether you're going for a rustic, modern, or antique theme for your bedroom, a matching headboard can bring the whole room together.

You should also choose a bedding set that complements the colors and patterns in your room. If you're ever in doubt, you can focus on pairing your bedspread with your wall color. While you're shopping for sheets, try to find the softest, most breathable fabrics for your comfort.

7. Bedroom Decorating Tips: Test Your Green Thumb

One of the best bedroom decoration ideas is to bring the great outdoors inside. Houseplants can add a ton of warmth and freshness to any space. Their presence is gorgeous, but they'll also double as air purifiers to keep you happy and healthy.

Do you feel like you have a black thumb? It's possible that your past gardening attempts were with finicky plants. Check out these easy indoor plants that are almost impossible to kill. 

8. Be Clever with Storage

Not only is clutter terrible for appearances, but it also sabotages your physical and mental health. Clutter acts like a magnet for dust and can make you feel overwhelmed. The best way to combat clutter is to have enough storage space that blends in with your natural decor.

Elegant cabinets are one tool you can use to stay organized. Since they look so beautiful, you won't mind using valuable room space to store them. The abundance of drawers also makes it easier to find a place for every miscellaneous object you may have in your room.

If you're low on space, you don't want to miss out on under-bed storage bins. This is the perfect spot to keep things you don't use often. Since your blankets cover everything, your room will feel much more open.

Ready to Start Shopping?

Now that you know how to decorate a bedroom you'll love spending time in, you can start designing.

Are you ready to shop for your dream decor? Be sure to browse our collections to find high-quality furniture that's full of personality.