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8 Stylish Dining Room Design Ideas for a Vintage Flair

July 26, 2019

8 Stylish Dining Room Design Ideas for a Vintage Flair - English Georgian America

Are you looking to redecorate your dining room but can't seem to get the vintage look that you picture in your mind?

Getting professional help can become costly and even run the risk of you not being satisfied with the design they chose.

Instead of being completely lost on what to do or spending money on a specialist, you can learn about how to easily design a room the way you want it. 

Continue reading to discover vintage and unique dining room ideas to help influence you. 

Impressive Decorative Dining Room Ideas

Dining rooms are a simple room that put a focus on the dining table. This is the spot where the family comes to meet and eat together and build memories. Besides purchasing an impressive dining room table, there are plenty of ways to design the room with a vintage feel. 

Below are 8 dining room ideas to help inspire you to decorate yours the way you've always pictured. 

1. Select Quality Antiques

Finding good furniture is the best start to creating a vintage look that is also practical. Chairs and tables that are built with wood often last a long time and don't get damaged as easily.  

Antique shopping can be fun and you may find beautiful pieces but when you are designing the dining room you want to be sure that your furniture is well made and won't break down from light wear and tear. 

Typically the heavier the product, the more well made it is because it was made from either real or raw materials. Be sure to check the quality of the joints on the furniture before making a purchase and pay attention to any rust spots. 

2. Eyes on the Table

After you have found a sturdy antique table, the next thing you must decide is the location. Centering the table to the room and keeping the surroundings simple can really draw in attention to your antique. 

You should design the entire room based around the table and a few other accent antiques from your collection. The table will easily draw in the most attention from family and friends that come over and people will naturally want to spend time together there. 

If you have a small dining room, you can expand it by including a mirror on the wall, with the table in the frame, and the room will open up. If however, you have a very large room and don't know what to do with all the space, a simple vintage rug can add a lot of style to the theme. 

3. Focus on the Details

Designing a dining room with a vintage flair can turn a dull space into an unforgettable image. One of the best things that you can do to make the room look natural and cohesive is to utilize smaller items and focus on the details to add more vintage looks. 

At the end of decorating your room should be well balanced with vintage and modern-day items. The focus, however, should be on the vintage pieces, such as the furniture and larger decor. 

4. Choose Your Era 

Creating a vintage design in your dining room doesn't limit you to styles from a hundred years ago. Many people are often inspired by Victorian styles and even the 1950's style. Throughout history, victorian interior designs have represented status and romance through the use of reds and dark colors and patterns. 

If you are looking to create a more playful look for your dining room but maintain a vintage theme, choosing a 50s theme can be an excellent option for you. Finding uniquely colored pieces can help give you this look. 

5. Go Rustic

Vintage pieces often go very well with rustic furniture and decor because they all look dated and elegant. Wooden furniture and worn out (but still functional) decor can add a unique style to your dining room and pull everything together. 

Wooden pieces, aged paint, and decor that revolve around nature can all be things to keep an eye out for if you are wanting a rustic look. Our site offers unique pieces with a rustic feel, like our Rustic Whitewash Dresser to go above your vintage table. 

6. Avoid a Uniform Look 

When trying to design a vintage dining room, one of the biggest things to avoid is making everything match perfectly. Many people will use different types of chairs (color, wood, and style) so that each one can stand for itself.

Everything you put in your vintage-inspired room should tell a story and be unique in its own ways. This doesn't mean that your items should clash, your room as a whole should mesh together naturally and create a unique style. 

7. Utilize the Wall

Antiques are often easily breakable and you may not want it to be touched. If you still want to put these pieces on display but don't want to take up table space, you can hang things on the wall. 

Many people will hang up antique dining sets, pictures, cooking utensils, and anything else that could be associated with the era of their room. The wall offers a large space and your items won't clutter the room. 

8. Have Fun with it 

Don't be afraid to mess around with different color schemes. You can get as creative as you want in this space. Bright colors often work well with a simple layout so that you don't overwhelm yourself and guests with all the color and distractions.

Even utilizing color in small quantities works well if you have a lot going on in a room. It can help draw attention to other areas and make certain pieces pop out from the rest. 

Make Your Dining Room the Center of Attention 

Looking for vintage dining room ideas can be exhausting and leave you just as confused as you were, to begin with. Creating a unique vintage style doesn't have to be difficult though if you follow this guideline.

There is no ONE way to complete a vintage look because it can be perceived in so many ways. Be sure that when you are designing that you represent yourself. This room may not be the first one that people walk through but once you are done it will become the center of attention in your home. 

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