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Your Ultimate Guide to Decorating With Mirrors

July 09, 2018

Your Ultimate Guide to Decorating With Mirrors - English Georgian America

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. . .

Have you ever wondered how to maximize space and light in your home - all while keeping a sleek, uncluttered feng shui?

Then mirrors are your simple solution. They've been used for creative decoration and reflectionsince 600 B.C. when obsidian was first polished to create that reflective surface.

When mirrors got better, they were used to provide on-shore safety. A large mirror on the lighthouse of Alexandria reflected sunlight during the day, and fire at night.

Why not utilize these timeless ideas to build an interesting space in your home?

If you're curious about the addedelement of these reflective surfaces, then read on. This guide will steer you in the right direction when it comes to decorating with mirrors. The key is balance, careful consideration and placement, and a cool variety.

Let's dive in.

Large Decorative Mirrors

Are you living in an intimate, i.e. small, apartment?

Does your living room or kitchen have a minimal amount of windows to provide that coveted natural light?

In any situation where you want to lighten up - and actually expand - your space, then large mirrors can be smartly placed in the room to create that illusion.

Scared of size? Don't be. In the case of mirrors, it's hard to ruin the look unless its sloppily or randomly done.

A wall-to-wall, or ceiling-to-ceiling mirror, won't crowd, weigh down, or cluster your space. Instead, it's said to givea feeling of completeness and wholeness, because nothing is cut off by the edges.

Imitate Windows

If you're stuck with a small amount of windows, and you want more, but without the demolition, place a mirror so that its angle echoes whatever windows your room does have.

You're effectively creating the illusion of more windows, and therefore more light and more space.

Reflect Light

Setting up corners of light in your room gives the appearance of a bigger, brighter space.

You can achieve this by implementing the above technique. Or you can create the light yourself. Place a light fixture above a large, lean mirror, and you've got yourself a warm space.

Small Decorative Mirrors

These are easy to use, but deserve more care in their placement. Small mirrors give the illusion of things being cut up, or not whole. Awkwardly placed, cutting off feet, head or sides, is bad for your room and for your physical reflection.

On the flip side, delicately placed mirrors achieve the effect of doubling. Placed under a candle; used as a jewelry tray; put onantique dresser drawers as accents; and the like, is dainty and enhancing.

Same as with larger mirrors, make sure that nothing cluttered or unpleasant is reflecting. Use mirrors to reproduce your favorite artwork, photo, or flower.

Clusters of Mirrors

If you've decided to utilize small mirrors, consider a variety of sizes and shapes to make it into an art installation. Nothing wrong with a funky patch of wall space!

Or take a bunch of hexagon-shaped mirrors and create a beehive look out of honeycombs.

Decorating with Mirrors: What Not to Do

There are a few general no-nos when it comes to decorating with mirrors. These have been established over time and through trial and error, so trust us. Care about feng shui?

Keep reading.

Stay Out of the Bedroom

Mirrors help us get ready in the morning. But does that begin seconds upon waking?

Give yourself a break. Keep mirrors in hallways or bathrooms.

If they have to be in your bedroom, try to place them in spots that you won't see immediately upon waking, which can be disorienting. Think: above a vanity, or behind the bed.

And the Kitchen

Similarly, mirrors are not thought to bring much in the way of decoration when it comes to the kitchen. It's a busy environment; the chef needs to focus!

Don't Place Them Opposite of Each Other

Doing so can make your regular home feel like a fun home.

In one hallway, one mirror should not be placed directly opposite of another. This gives that infinity effect which can be unreliable for appearances or just feel like too much.

Stay Minimal

Unless you're going for the cluster of mirrors, they should mostly remain limited as decorations. A wall of mirrors can seem a little much: no one needs to look at their reflection 24/7!

Just think: make sure there's a reason you're hanging your mirror. Then hasty placement won't bother you down the road.

Avoid the Front Entrance

And lastly - if you can avoid it, try to keep mirrors away from the entrance hallway of your home.

Referencing that feng shui again! It is believed that the front door to your home is what allows good energy to flow in. A mirror reflecting the outside world draws all the good right out of your home and back through the front door.

Sounds about right.

If you have one in your foyer already, think about placing a flower or plant in front of it, or maybe even a sheer curtain.

Make Sure Your Mirrors Mirror You

At the end of the day, whatever you're reflecting is a piece of you! Ensure that it is happy.

Of all the techniques to increase light and room, decorating with mirrors is up there in the rankings. It doesn't bog down, it creates a glow, and it's as cool as water.

Like water, a mirror shows us our reflection. As long as your mirrors are echoing a positive, bright environment, their placement should bring light and joy to your daily life. That's a lot from one decorative object.

Let us know if you'd like acustom-made mirror to liven up your space!