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How to Design Your Living Room Around a Beautiful Antique Bookcase

May 23, 2018

How to Design Your Living Room Around a Beautiful Antique Bookcase - English Georgian America

Are you a self-proclaimed bibliophile? Do you have a penchant for antique style?

Have you always wanted an ornate, beautiful, antique bookcase to house your collection of books, but don't know how you can make it work with the design throughout the rest of your Living room?

We'll show you how you can redesign your Living room around the ornate, beautiful bookcase you've always wanted so all eyes will be on it.

Ready to learn more? Just read on!

Don't Overdo It

When you're organizing something as unique as anantique bookcase from the 18th century, for example, you don't want to overdo and overstuff it.

If you do, eyes will be drawn to it for the all of the wrong reasons.

To avoid this, leave a bit of empty space on and above the bookshelf - so that the eye doesn't get overwhelmed by all of the books and trinkets on your bookshelf.

Adding some artwork to the top of the bookshelf (if you have space) can draw the eye to it as well.

Try a Change of Direction

When you're arranging your library on your bookshelf, you can add more visual interest to the piece by stacking some books vertically and others horizontally.

To draw the eye even further in, group books in like colors together, but continue to stack them in different directions for added appeal.

Add Accent Pieces

Of course, this tip works for all of the space in your Living room.

But, if you're looking to show off your antique bookcase above all of the other pieces in your room, you can add some accent pieces and stagger them on and inside of the bookcase.

Display books with colorful jackets and arrange them in different directions to make a statement.

You can also add some art inside of and in the front of the bookcase to give it more of a unified, visual rhythm.

Keep Things Simple

When it comes to interior design, less really is more.

If you want your antique style bookcase to be the featured piece in your Living room, design the surrounding area of the room with a muted sense of simplicity. You'll ensure that all eyes go directly to your featured piece - and you won't overwhelm them with visuals which can create confusion.

You can also create a unique look on your bookshelf by keeping with a consistent color tonal theme throughout. Keep the overall palette similar, but vary the tone of the books and other pieces on your bookshelf a bit to create a sharp, clean look.

Make It Uniform

Are you looking to design your room around your vintage bookcase, but want to ensure that throughout your room everything has a unified look and color scheme?

If so, you probably already have acolor scheme in mind that you'd like to work with.

Decorate the rest of your Living room however you wish to, but keep the color scheme of the items on your bookshelf in the same vein as the rest of your Living room.

For example, if your room is mostly grey with pops of blue and white, decorate your vintage bookshelf with like colors to give it a look that's uniform to the rest of your room.

Bring in Some Art for Added Impact

If you want to add some more impact to your bookshelf, you can do this easily by adding some art to it.

If you really want to draw attention to your bookcase, place the pieces of your art you wish to showcase on separate shelves - away from your collection of books.

You don't want to add too much clutter to your bookshelf and overwhelm that area of your space, do you?

You can avoid making this mistake by simply adding art and other objects to different shelves as opposed to combining everything together.

Use Layers

Where adding art and books on the same shelves can work, though, is if you have a bookcase which features shelves of varying depths.

On smaller shelves, showcase books only. On deeper shelves, you can add some visual interest by "layering" different types of objects.

Towards the back of deeper shelves, you candisplay artwork. Feel free to add small knickknacks and objects in front of the artwork to create a unique, layered, visually appealing look.

This design tactic works primarily because of the differing depths of the shelves. Things don't feel cramped because they aren't - there is more space for objects to rest than on a traditional bookcase.

Play with Height

To add interest to your bookcase, you can play the height of different objects off of one another too.

As an idea, you might like to stack some of your smaller books horizontally and use them to display other objects on top.

The height of larger books and objects on your bookshelf will play off of the smaller books and objects you display next to them - drawing eyes to the contrast between each object.

Give Your Antique Bookcase a Pop of Color

To make your bookshelf really pop before you even add your collection of books or other objects to it, you can line the inside of it with a playful or colorful accent.

Adding some wallpaper or paint is an easy, inexpensive way to add a pop of color to your antique bookshelf.

Then, you can fill your bookshelf up with your collection of books, other fun objects and artwork for a fun, eye-catching focal point in your Living room.

How English Georgian American Can Help You

If you're still searching for the perfect antique bookcase for your Living room, we can help you! We have a wide range of premade antique bookcases available that you can choose from.

And if you don't see something you fancy immediately, we also take custom orders.

To get an idea of what's available, pleasecontact us today.

We want to work with you and help you create the room of your dreams with our unique furniture and accessories.