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Getting Trendy: The Top Antique Decor Trends of 2019

April 29, 2019

Getting Trendy: The Top Antique Decor Trends of 2019 - English Georgian America

Did you know that antique home decor is back in style? Antique items help give your home a unique look that reflects your personal style.

However, it can be difficult if you're looking to add some antique items to your home but aren't sure what's currently trendy.

Here are the top antique decor trends of 2019.

Mix and Match Style

A cool thing about antique style in 2019 is that you have the ability to mix and match old antique items with your modern decor to create a style all your own!

You can blend these two styles by purchasing a modern style rug and placing it underneath antique couches in your living room.

Another approach could be having a gallery wall full of mirrors and using some antique and some modern mirrors that contrast one another but still create a cohesive design.

Basically, there are no rules! Discover the antique style that makes sense for you and that makes you happy to look at in your living space.

Showcase Heirlooms and Collections

One way to truly embrace the antique style is to put antiques on display!

Look for unique ways that you can display meaningful items from your family and travels so that everyone can view and enjoy them.

Display cabinets and vignettes will work well for family plate sets or flatware. Another cool display option is to get shelves or boxes to hang on the wall. They can put all these interesting items at eye level for your guests.

Crystal Chandeliers

For a while, chandeliers fell out of style and popularity. Chandeliers now are back and better than ever which is why they are one of the top antique trends of 2019.

Try to place your chandelier in a place in the home where there is a lot of light coming from the windows. This will help the chandelier do what it does best which is shine and throw light around the room.

Don't feel like having a chandelier means that you have to have an over the top glamorous house.

You can either dress up the room with other fancy decor items or dress the room down with casual furniture. This will make sure that your chandelier is the focus of the design in the room.

Depending on your style, you can also choose the look of your chandelier. Antique chandeliers are normally more ornate whereas modern chandeliers can have straight edges and a different design.

Create an Impressive Entrance

There's nothing more antique than wowing your guests with an impressive entrance to your home.

A way that you can make a grand entrance is by painting your front door a bright color like yellow, red, or blue.

This is also the space that you can decorate with an antique console table, bench, or mirror. Having these items in the entrance of a home gives your guests something to look at as soon as they walk through your front door.

Look for Patina

Some things look better with age. Many antique items develop a natural patina as they age and get older.

The patina is a characteristic of green rust that slightly changes the original color of the metal item.

The patina on metal looks really good in outdoor areas like the patio, sunroom, or garden. Find cool antiques that with patina that will compliment the other elements of the space.

Textiles and Wall Hangings

Bold, vintage textiles are great for adding a statement piece on your wall. Look for inspiration in the form of foreign textiles from places like Africa, India, Peru, and Japan.

These create a dramatic effect and bring a unique style to your space. You can also try to find other items from these places to finish the look.

Macrame wall decor is also extremely popular this year. You can have just a macrame wall art piece up on the wall, or you can purchase macrame plant holders for an extra twist.

Floral Print

Updating grandma's floral wallpaper is definitely on trend in 2019 antique design. You can choose to create a feature wall with a floral wallpaper so that it doesn't crowd the whole room in the print.

If wallpaper isn't your style, consider adding floral touches in other ways. Popular items that you can incorporate floral print on could be through furniture upholstery.

You can also take this botanical style literally by finding fun flowers to put into an antique vase on display.

Contrasting Colors

If you're looking for colors to paint the walls in your home that will work well with all these antique items you're collecting, think contrasting colors for a dramatic impact.

A popular trend for 2019 is pairing up both dark and light neutral colors together on the walls and trims of your home.

Trendy darker colors are navy blue, deep greens, and even black. Grey is a color you currently see a lot of as a good alternative to plain white walls.

Antique Decor Mixes Metals

Something that you'll be seeing a lot of in vintage design is mixing metals.

Ornate metal accent pieces are a great way to add some metallic shine to a room. Don't be afraid to mix brass, silver, and gold pieces with one another.

You can find a way to create a harmonious balance with the right selection of metal pieces like tables, lamps, and mirrors.

Play with Fun Fabrics

Part of antique home decor is having expensive fabrics.

Luxury fabrics like leather, linen, and even velvet are all appropriate design options for a home with antique elements.

Use these cool fabrics as your upholstery on your kitchen chairs, living room furniture, and curtains.

Turn Your House into a Home

These antique decor ideas will help you turn your house into a home. Do the research and look around for the right furniture pieces that will make your space uniquely yours. You'll be on trend for 2019 vintage design!

English Georgian America specializes in helping you find quality antique furniture that's authentic to incorporate into the design of your home.

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