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Thomas Chippendale

February 18, 2019

Thomas Chippendale - English Georgian America

There are many interesting facts about Thomas Chippendale and we will highlight and show them in this series over time. One favorite, that may seem obvious but most people don't realize, is how he was the first cabinetmaker, and non-monarch, to have a style of furniture that referenced him.

Other period styles referenced, Willam and Mary, Queen Anne, George I, George II, or George III. It was not until 1754, when Thomas Chippendale published his 'Gentleman's and Cabinetmakers Director', an illustrative book showing his furniture designs, that the typical referencing changed.

After his illustrations showed up, these designs were often referred to as "Chippendale". The popular book was referenced all over the world and influenced many cabinetmakers throughout Europe and America.

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