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7 Tips for Making Your House Feel Cozy and Inviting

July 30, 2018

7 Tips for Making Your House Feel Cozy and Inviting - English Georgian America

Remember whenindustrial home design hit the map a few years ago? It was such a big hit that even huge chains like Chipotle adopted the style as their aesthetic.

In 2018, the trend is waning--or at least softening. Interior designers are looking to soften the edges of industrial design to create cozier spaces. After all, your home is meant to be lived in, not photographed!

If cozy, inviting spaces can be created within an industrial aesthetic, you can definitely create it at home, too. Keep reading to learn how to design an inviting home regardless of your aesthetic!

Include Warm-Toned Metals

Cool-toned metals like silver and steel are out. Warm-toned metals like rose gold, copper, and antique brass are in.

Introducing warm-toned metals to your home is one of the easiest ways to up your cozy factor in a hurry. Metal accents can be found on the cheap at flea markets or garage sales. Pro tip: you can polish old metal with salt and fresh lemon juice!

In the kitchen, hang some copper pots on the wall. In the bedroom, consider some warm-toned metal lamps beside the bed to cast a soft, cozy glow over the room.

In the living room, replace your coffee table with one with warm-toned metal accents. Since coffee tables are so central to living rooms, it'll make a big statement. Whether your style is modern, retro, or boho, there's acozy coffee table out there for you!

Add Curtains

Nothing cozies up a space better than tapestries. If your windows are bare, adding curtains will give a luxurious, comfortable feel to your home in no time. Make sure youhang them correctly to make your windows look bigger and your space feel larger.

If your windows are already curtained and you want to add more fabric to a room, create a curtained wall! This is as simple as doubling up on curtain rods near the ceiling to create the appearance of one long curtain along a wall.

The fabric will make your space feel more comfortable, and will even dampen sound to lessen echoes in large rooms. Choose a light, gauzy fabric to create an airy vibe, or a dark, thick fabric to go for a luxurious throne-room feel.

Can't get enough of the curtained look? Get yourself afour-poster bed and hang curtains down the sides. This simple switch in furniture will take your bedroom from blah to spa!

Hang Family Photos Creatively

If you want to make your space more personal and inviting, show off your family photos to help guests get to know you better! Don't feel limited to simply framing them on the mantel-- there are tons ofcreative ways to display family photos in your home nowadays.

Lean framed photos against the fireplace, or create a gallery wall to add interest to a dull corner. If you're worried about the aesthetics of your family photos, make them all black and white to stay within the same aesthetic feeling.

You can even ditch the frames with mixed-media family photo displays. Have your images cast onto wood for a rustic display, or order anengineer print and clip it to the wall for a modern, industrial look.

Tone It Down

Light, airy spaces are definitely trendy right now, but what they grant in clean aesthetics they lack in coziness. There's something to be said for the waya dark wall makes you want to hunker down and watch a movie.

To encourage guests to relax and not worry so much about spilling their red wine, consider darkening your space. This can mean painting your walls a forest green or slate gray. It can even mean adding dark accents, like dark carpet or furniture, to tone down a room without having to repaint.

Soften Things Up

Rooms aren't inherently cozy. Walls are made of drywall, not fabric. If you have wooden or tile floors, they need some extra love to help keep your feet warm at home!

Introduce some fuzzy textiles to your home to create a comfortable space to hang out in. Layer burlap and sheepskin rugs, or lay sheepskin on the backs of dining room chairs to make them more welcoming. DIY some funmacrame wall hangings to create texture on otherwise two-dimensional walls.

If you really want to make your space more inviting, opt for carpeted floors. They're more comfortable on the feet, and are comfortable enough to sit on when you have a bunch of guests and not enough seating!

Choose Cozy Furniture

Your furniture choices can mean the difference between a lived-in, comfortable home and the look of a realtor's showroom.

If you love industrial or modern furniture, that's okay. You don't have to resign yourself to big, cozy couches if that's not your aesthetic. The key is in mixing sleek, modern pieces with cozy accents to create a comfortable vibe that still feels fresh.

For instance, throwing a cute blanket over a minimalist couch addsa touch of hygge to your living room. Framing your gooey engagement photos in a crisp, modern frame creates a balance of cozy and clean.

Antique style furniture is also a great option for creating a cozy and comfortable home. When each piece of furniture you own tells a story, it encourages you to create your own.

There are tons of ways to incorporate antiques into your decor. Go big with an antique couch or dining table, or add little antique touches like glassware and light fixtures.

Add Glowing Lights

Playing with your lighting is one of the best ways to add a cozy vibe to your space quickly! The key is to incorporate plenty of warm, glowing lights as accents to a space, not as the main light source. Warm lights as the main light source can make a room feel stale and dark.

Instead, opt for exposed bulb light fixtures and sconces that cast a faint magical glow over a space. These should work hand in hand with bright all-around lighting, like recessed lighting, to create the perfect blend of warm and cool.\

In the bedroom and bathroom, hang some copper string lights over a mirror or bed frame for a magical night light!

Your Cozy and Inviting Home

Now that you've read up on how to create an inviting home that beckons guests to stay all night, hopefully, you've picked up some tips and tricks that you can implement ASAP!

Have questions, or simply want to talk shop?Get in touch! We'd love to help you find the perfect furniture to match your cozy new vibe!