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6 Great Benefits of Custom Furniture for Your Home

January 24, 2018

6 Great Benefits of Custom Furniture for Your Home - English Georgian America

When furniture shopping it's often one's first instinct to turn to the larger furniture supply chains. They have the most variety and are often the most accessible. But when it comes to quality, fit, personality, and style, you'll find commissioning custom furniture is the best way to shop.

With the right cabinet maker and a one-of-a-kind design, even the most utilitarian furniture can become a work of art. You'll also find custom furnishings come with a variety of other perks.

Here are 6 of the major benefits of commissioning custom furniture for your home.

1. Custom Furniture Meets Your Needs Exactly

When styling your home there are a lot of factors to consider. Lighting, color schemes, dimensions of the space, and on and on.

When buying furniture, you often have a very particular use and position that it must fill. Because of this, buying from a retail chain can often be hit and miss. The perfect coffee table is half a foot too wide, your ideal couch doesn't match the wall colors, and your home starts to look less than cohesive.

Buying custom furniture does away with all these issues. The piece you commission is built specifically for your needs, which means it will perfectly fit the space. It'll also exactly match the existing decor and color schemes.

Custom pieces are also a great way to tie an otherwise finicky room together. This is because you have complete control over the style, color, and feel of the finished product.

2. It Fits Your Budget

While it's true most custom furniture will be more expensive than mass-produced pieces, the control one has over the final cost is often a boon for the customer.

When buying from a large furniture chain you're often shopping blind. Particularly if you're buying multiple pieces. All it takes is one unexpectedly expensive item to make you reevaluate the entire list over again. This can be frustrating for you and your wallet.

When shopping custom, you have the price up front and can work with the craftsman to ensure your list doesn't blow out.

Any furniture maker worth their salt will also offer you ways to shave off a few dollars if things are getting tight. Only with custom furniture do you have the option to swap to a more cost-effective material, for instance.

3. It's More Environmentally Conscious

When furniture shopping through a large chain you're often purchasing blindly. Particularly when it comes to the materials, finishing processes, and other environmental factors. Certain chains may also not have the most ethical sources of their labor.

This means your coffee table may be serviceable enough, but it could be finished with chemicals that affect your health or the environment adversely. Its purchase may have also contributed to unethical work conditions.

When you purchase custom furniture the source of the material, work conditions, and finishing processes are all entirely transparent. You know exactly who made your item, how it was made, and where it's been. So you can rest assured that your new piece is as friendly to the environment as it is to the eye.

4. It's Higher Quality

The standard of quality is often sacrificed when it comes to mass-produced furniture. It's what allows furniture chains to thrive. They often reduce their costs with cheaper, flimsier material and just-passible techniques.

When you buy a custom piece of furniture your craftsman is as invested in the piece as you are. Their individual reputation is tied to the job they do and it's a job they do well. This means the piece you receive will be of a much higher standard than anything you will find among mass-produced floor stock.

Buying custom also gives you complete control over the materials used to create your furniture. Where larger chains often opt for the most cost-effective option, you can choose the quality of material that suits your needs.

Choice of material can be especially important when taking your environment into account. If you're in a particularly humid area, wood furniture, in particular, needs special attention so that it doesn't warp as the weather changes. Dry or environmentally controlled environments can also affect the choice of materials used.

Having complete control of the quality of your piece means your furniture will outlive and outshine any generic, store-bought pieces for years to come.

5. It Gives You a Return on Investment

Some custom furniture is more permanent than others. Whether you're commissioning wall lights, architectural embellishments, or other fixtures, some custom pieces can continue to be of benefit after you've finished using them yourself.

Custom fixtures lend real value to a house. This means, when you move on, the custom pieces you've commissioned will give you a return on your initial investment.

6. You're a Part of the Creative Process

Styling your home can be an extraordinarily satisfying experience. It allows you to express your personality in unique ways and get creative in an environment that is singularly yours.

But while choosing color schemes and matching the rug to the artwork can be satisfying enough there's nothing quite like being involved in creating your own signature furniture.

Choosing furniture from a catalog, knowing that more than a dozen people probably have the same coffee table in the same spot can take the fun out of any styling project. But commissioning your own custom, one-of-a-kind piece lets you put a bit of yourself into the project.

The final product will feel more fitting, and more satisfying, for your involvement in the creative process.

Custom Furniture is a Great Way to Style a Home

Your home is unique in the same way you are and your furniture should reflect that. Steering clear of mass-produced items and instead commissioning your own custom furniture is a great way to design your exact fit, raise the value of your home, and put a bit of yourself into each piece.

Buying custom is also an excellent way to ensure you're getting the best quality and the most environmentally ethical product.

Looking to add some custom pieces to your home? Get in touch today and see how we can help you bring a little style, flair, and uniqueness to your home.