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French Provincial White Dining Table


French Provincial White Dining Table, This exquisite table, inspired by a legacy of furniture artistry, features a fixed tabletop with a width of 102.5 inches, a depth of 44.75 inches comfortably accommodating up to eight chairs.

The table is finished in a dry Chalk White with light distressing that adds character and a vintage feel. The legs, sculpted in graceful cabriole style, are adorned with hand-carved floral details and painted in light grey, enhancing their sophisticated contours.  

A standout feature is the artfully designed lattice apron. Also painted in light grey, it contrasts beautifully against the Chalk White finish, not only adding visual depth but also making the table a central piece of any dining room.

Crafted from high-quality oak, this dining table combines durability with a luxurious aesthetic, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate both the historical elements of furniture design and the requirements of modern-day dining settings. 

Dimensions: 102.5" W x 44.75" D x 29.5" H